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Regional Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) Plan

This full-spectrum incident management plan focuses on organizing and building a comprehensive decision-making and response structure across all levels of government within the first 72 hours after an improvised nuclear device detonation. The Regional Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) Plan builds on the Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System to describe who, how, and where all levels of government come together to manage the colossal size, scope, and complexity of an IND response.

Plan Components

The Regional IND Plan is broken down into several components. The Regional IND Response Plan provides a system to organize players at all levels of the response immediately and seamlessly into an integrated structure for sharing information, developing joint objectives, and coordinating decision making. Playbooks for a Unified Area Coordination Group, a Multiagency Coordination Center, and a Forward Operating Base detail the coordination strategies the Region will employ during an IND response. The playbooks guide actions at these different levels of response:

  • Unified Area Coordination Group
    • Primary leadership group and decision-making body overseeing the entirety of the response and recovery
  • Multiagency Coordination Center
    • Primary location for coordination and communication between levels of governments and all agencies involved in the response
    • Comprises Interagency Task Forces that pull together agency representatives according to mission and authority
  • Forward Operating Base
    • Primary method to assist the field response to grow large quickly and remain coordinated
    • Comprises coordination areas representing diverse core competencies and operational assets

IND planning continues in the NY-NJ-CT-PA RCPT region. A diverse planning team convenes regularly to discuss critical concepts and review materials. Over the next few months, the planning team will review an updated IND Response Plan that tells the story of what a response would look like across the Region as well as provide feedback on the three playbooks that outline the building blocks of coordination for a regional response. Ongoing coordination continues with other planning efforts at the Regional Integration Center (RIC), including the development of the training and exercise program to better ensure that all products developed fit seamlessly. Recently, members of the RIC IND team have had the opportunity to attend various meetings that have fostered new discussions, partnerships, and information sharing.

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